My top 10 least/favourite and least favourite TV shows

Hello my fellow bloggers!!!! And as you guys have already realised today I will be telling you my top 10 favourite and least favourite TV shows.

10. Coming up as my least favourite TV show ever… Dance Mums UK! If you don’t know I love Dance Moms but why do us British people always have to copy the Americans? Though it isn’t a bad TV show the UK thing annoys my.

9. I HATE CLICK! If you don’t know it is part of BBC news, and it tells you about the latest technology. It is boring and they repeat it every day of the week so it gets very annoying.

8. Pointless. I just find it well Pointless. And they never put questions that people my age will know.

7. Snooker. Its not actually a TV show but whenever its on I get super bored.

6. Badass Brides. I have never watched it but the trailer is annoying seeing as theres a break every 10 minutes.

5. On to my favourite TV shows. Match of The Day this is good for people that don’t have Sky or BT Sport but only if your football teams in the Prem ( I support AFCB Btw.)

4. Benefits Britain. It is so funny when the people fight on here, but not when my dads shouting at the TV telling those people to get a job.

3. Lost and found music studios. LOVE this all my fav people are on it and the talent is incredible. But in a year or so I will have grown out of it.

2. The Next Step. Same as above.

1. Dance moms. Drama, dancing, fun! THE BEST!






If I were to write a letter to Mojang

Hi! If you don’t know what Mojang is it, its the company that devolved and manages Minecraft. This is it:

Dear Mojang,

What are you doing?! Why are you changing Minecraft and editing the things that make Minecraft itself. Minecraft is known for its blockyness and its retro but also modern feel. And your adding to much updates to it that helps you cut through the problems that gamers play Minecraft for. Maybe you could add a mod/s which you can chose which updates to add, because I am sure younger gamers would love to try the original versions of Minecarft, and YouTubers would also love to do a series with the original versions of the game.

From Megahartz

Bye and thank you!



10 things I want to do this summer

Hello, and for my big ‘comeback’ post I am going to do 10 things I want to do this summer. I’m pretty pumped for this because last week it began to become a little bit hotter, and even though it has cooled down now I want to still have a summer vibe in me. So lets get right to it.

  1. Do a weekly diary on my blog about what I am up to
  2. Go running at least once a week (I got in the top 10 out of the year 7 girls at cross country in October and I want to do that again)
  3. Try every milkshake at my local café
  4. Start a YouTube channel. This sounds easy but I will need to persuade my parents first
  5. Go to a AFC Bournemouth pre season friendly away game. Again its about persuading my parents
  7. Write a book. I have tried to do this before but I have never done more than a page
  8. Asking my crush out. I am halfway there but I have been trying for at least four months.
  9. Read 20 books. 15 is my summer record and I would love to get to 20.
  10. HAVE FUN! Sorry but this is all I could think for number 10.




OMG I haven’t posted in more than a month, I am so sorry and I promise that I will be posting at least once a week from now on. If anyone has any ideas for posts comments down below.

badatgaming130 YouTube channel

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I haven’t been posting as much lately, but today I decided to tell you about a fellow blogger on wordpress called badatgaming, he has recently started a YouTube channel  and it is pretty good, and as you can guess it is about gaming, the link somehow didn’t work but it is called batatgaming130.



Disney 31 Day Challenge Part 2!


Hello, and WELCOME to part 2 of my 31 day Disney challenge! Soooooooooooooooo lets begin where we left off. I started this a little late, SORRY!

Day 12: Your favourite kiss

I never actually paid that much attention to kissing in Disney movies, but I love all the kisses in the Disney Princess movies, they are sooooooooooo magical.

Day 13: Your favourite voice (singing)

I think Anna from Frozen, in the song The First Time In Forever. Maybe I rather the song than her voice, but you know what I mean.

Day 14: Your favourite voice (talking)

BMax in Big Hero 6. He is just an overall funny character, and without the robot voice it just wouldn’t work.

Day 15: Your favourite location

I wish the Lego Movie was Disney, cause Cloud Cuccoo land would be up there. So I’ll go or space in Wally, I’ve always liked space, and I believe it is the only Disney movie set in it.

Day 16: Your favourite couple

Ariel (the little Mermaid) and whatever his name is (please tell me) but anyway, how Ariel saved the prince at the start of the movie was magical.

Day 17: Your favourite villain

The evil witch in Snow White. She always sticks in my head as a COMPLETE villain and the mirror freaks me out.

Day 19: Your favourite scene

The Bot fight, the first scene in Big Hero 6. I love how the perfectic looking bit beat the bot to beat all bots.

Day 20: Your favourite sequel

None of the Disney sequels have been vey successful ( apart form cars and Toy Story) so I will go for the last Toy Story film Ever : (  Toy Story 3. I’ve watched it more times than I have ever watched 1 or 2.

Day 21: Your favourite soundtrack

I wouldn’t call it my favourite soundtrack, but the tupence a bag song in Mary Poppins sticks in to my head. I always cry when I listen to it.




My top 5 YouTube channels

Hi guys (I promised I’d do another post this weekend)! Before we begin I wanted to say thank you to everyone because I have ALREADY achieved me goal for this year to have 500 views. Lets try and get it to 1000!

As you have already guessed today I will be doing my top 5 YouTube channels.

5. Its JoJo Siwa

I love  JoJo she is such and inspirational person, the reason she isn’t higher on the list is because she didn’t get famous because of it.

4. Stampy

Every once in a while I get hooked to Stampy for a week or so, but I which he was more gripping.

3. XboxAddixionz

I love this channel, they troll little kids. But because of the audience that is watching they could at least block out the worst swearing.

2. Most Amazing Top 10

I love this channel, it keeps to entertained and they put so much effort into keeping the post coming regularly, LEGIT!

1. LDShadowlady

Though it has 2 million subscribers this channel is SO UNDERESTERMATED! I love it! The edits are also amazing.



How to create a gaming name/logo

Hello!!!!!! Today I will be doing a post on my top tips in creating a gaming name and logo.

I’ll be doing this in a bullet point list… LETS GO!

1. Find a dictionary and pick a random word.

2. Edit the word to make it copletly unique.

3. Now u have your name CLICK HERE

4. Desgin your logo

5. Enjoy!

I will be posting later this weekend.




Weekly Wednesday Post #2

So nothing much has happened this week, and I mean NOTHING!

So lets think……………………….


  1. I have read a LOT
  2. A boy in my started a school trend where he says Remerade whenever he comes in the class (Remerades a Pokémon BTW)
  3. It has rained FAR TO MUCH
  4. I have built a few things on Minecraft