My top 10 least/favourite and least favourite TV shows

Hello my fellow bloggers!!!! And as you guys have already realised today I will be telling you my top 10 favourite and least favourite TV shows.

10. Coming up as my least favourite TV show ever… Dance Mums UK! If you don’t know I love Dance Moms but why do us British people always have to copy the Americans? Though it isn’t a bad TV show the UK thing annoys my.

9. I HATE CLICK! If you don’t know it is part of BBC news, and it tells you about the latest technology. It is boring and they repeat it every day of the week so it gets very annoying.

8. Pointless. I just find it well Pointless. And they never put questions that people my age will know.

7. Snooker. Its not actually a TV show but whenever its on I get super bored.

6. Badass Brides. I have never watched it but the trailer is annoying seeing as theres a break every 10 minutes.

5. On to my favourite TV shows. Match of The Day this is good for people that don’t have Sky or BT Sport but only if your football teams in the Prem ( I support AFCB Btw.)

4. Benefits Britain. It is so funny when the people fight on here, but not when my dads shouting at the TV telling those people to get a job.

3. Lost and found music studios. LOVE this all my fav people are on it and the talent is incredible. But in a year or so I will have grown out of it.

2. The Next Step. Same as above.

1. Dance moms. Drama, dancing, fun! THE BEST!






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