10 things I want to do this summer

Hello, and for my big ‘comeback’ post I am going to do 10 things I want to do this summer. I’m pretty pumped for this because last week it began to become a little bit hotter, and even though it has cooled down now I want to still have a summer vibe in me. So lets get right to it.

  1. Do a weekly diary on my blog about what I am up to
  2. Go running at least once a week (I got in the top 10 out of the year 7 girls at cross country in October and I want to do that again)
  3. Try every milkshake at my local café
  4. Start a YouTube channel. This sounds easy but I will need to persuade my parents first
  5. Go to a AFC Bournemouth pre season friendly away game. Again its about persuading my parents
  7. Write a book. I have tried to do this before but I have never done more than a page
  8. Asking my crush out. I am halfway there but I have been trying for at least four months.
  9. Read 20 books. 15 is my summer record and I would love to get to 20.
  10. HAVE FUN! Sorry but this is all I could think for number 10.




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