Disney 31 Day Challenge Part 2!


Hello, and WELCOME to part 2 of my 31 day Disney challenge! Soooooooooooooooo lets begin where we left off. I started this a little late, SORRY!

Day 12: Your favourite kiss

I never actually paid that much attention to kissing in Disney movies, but I love all the kisses in the Disney Princess movies, they are sooooooooooo magical.

Day 13: Your favourite voice (singing)

I think Anna from Frozen, in the song The First Time In Forever. Maybe I rather the song than her voice, but you know what I mean.

Day 14: Your favourite voice (talking)

BMax in Big Hero 6. He is just an overall funny character, and without the robot voice it just wouldn’t work.

Day 15: Your favourite location

I wish the Lego Movie was Disney, cause Cloud Cuccoo land would be up there. So I’ll go or space in Wally, I’ve always liked space, and I believe it is the only Disney movie set in it.

Day 16: Your favourite couple

Ariel (the little Mermaid) and whatever his name is (please tell me) but anyway, how Ariel saved the prince at the start of the movie was magical.

Day 17: Your favourite villain

The evil witch in Snow White. She always sticks in my head as a COMPLETE villain and the mirror freaks me out.

Day 19: Your favourite scene

The Bot fight, the first scene in Big Hero 6. I love how the perfectic looking bit beat the bot to beat all bots.

Day 20: Your favourite sequel

None of the Disney sequels have been vey successful ( apart form cars and Toy Story) so I will go for the last Toy Story film Ever : (  Toy Story 3. I’ve watched it more times than I have ever watched 1 or 2.

Day 21: Your favourite soundtrack

I wouldn’t call it my favourite soundtrack, but the tupence a bag song in Mary Poppins sticks in to my head. I always cry when I listen to it.





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