My top 5 YouTube channels

Hi guys (I promised I’d do another post this weekend)! Before we begin I wanted to say thank you to everyone because I have ALREADY achieved me goal for this year to have 500 views. Lets try and get it to 1000!

As you have already guessed today I will be doing my top 5 YouTube channels.

5. Its JoJo Siwa

I love  JoJo she is such and inspirational person, the reason she isn’t higher on the list is because she didn’t get famous because of it.

4. Stampy

Every once in a while I get hooked to Stampy for a week or so, but I which he was more gripping.

3. XboxAddixionz

I love this channel, they troll little kids. But because of the audience that is watching they could at least block out the worst swearing.

2. Most Amazing Top 10

I love this channel, it keeps to entertained and they put so much effort into keeping the post coming regularly, LEGIT!

1. LDShadowlady

Though it has 2 million subscribers this channel is SO UNDERESTERMATED! I love it! The edits are also amazing.




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