31 day Disney challenge!!! Part 1

So I am doing a 31 day Disney challenge, and I will be adding a new part of the challenge every day, and in the end of the month I will post the whole challenge. Oh yeah, I’ll be doing this in 3 parts.  This is pretty useless because I will of posted this and the challenge will be done and everything. Here is the challenge…


Anyway lets begin!

Day 1: Your favourite movie

I have a lot of Disney movies I like. BUT if I had to chose one (like I do now) I would have to choose… W.A.L.L.Y. I don’t know why but this was the first movie that popped into my head, don’t ask you why? But the storyline is quite important, cause I don’t want the world to be a bunch of rubbish.

Day 2: Your favourite song

This is again a very hard decision, I have never actually chosen this before. It is going to be Under the sea from the Little Mermaid, It is again the first thing that popped into my head. And it lifts you in a good mood every time you listen.

Day 3: Your favourite character

I have to say EVERYONES favourite snowman… Olaf! He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny and adorable!

Day 4: Your favourite princess

Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Mainly cause we share the same love in books, and I feel that her kindness and forgiveness rearally portrays. Plus I’m looking forward to the new movie that’s in cinemas now.

Day 5: Your favourite prince

To be honest most Disney princes don’t have much of a personality, so that’s why I am going to HAVE to go for prince Hans from Frozen.

Day 6: Your favourite heroine

Ok, again I automatically knew who this was going to be. And its Moana from the movie of the same name. I love her and the movie in general. I have a movie poster in my cupboard.

Day 7: Your favourite hero

This is a confusing one. I’m going to have to go for Tarzan, but I’m not sure what he is a hero of. Tarzan was my favourite Disney and all time movie for 2 years so it Has to come in somewhere.

Day 8: Your favourite animal

I like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, he is quirky and I love it when he is singing Under The sea.

Day 9: Your favourite sidekick

Sven from Frozen. I would have chosen Olaf, but Sven is a bit less on the OTT side.

Day 10: Your favourite quote (funny)

This isn’t technically I quote from a Disney movie, but a Tumbler user made a quote saying, “If Walt Disney watched Disney channel today he would be ashamed”. I do quite like Disney channel, but you cant help agreeing.

Day 11: Your favourite quote (serious)

We have come to the final day of part 1 of the challenge. The quote Peter Pan says, “All you need is faith and trust. And a little bit of pixie dust” if that Peter Pan was real, he would be a total legend.








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