Mario V Luigi. Gaming battles #2

Hello gamers! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo today I will be doing another Gaming Battles and the battle today is Mario V Luigi.

These are probably the most well known brothers in gaming, and like last time we are going to have 3 rounds or pure GAMING!

Lets begin.

  1. Character

These brothers have the same personality, and as Mario appears in half on Nintendo’s games, he should win this round for being most adventurous. BUT! Luigi seems to have a certain favour to ghosts so that’s why he wins this round.

2. Popularity

Both of these characters are popular, but it is obvious who wins this round.

3. ?

There is a third round, BUT I had NO idea what to call it. But the winner of this battle in my eyes is just overall a better kart racer……… Luigi. And some on you will be like WHAT, but I hope at least some of you have realised that Mario is RUBBISH at his own game? And how is brother is actually quite good at it?








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