I’ve just realised how odd the storylines of kids TV shows are!

Hi Guys! Right now my sister is watching Bing on Ceebibies, and cause most of u have the pleasure of not watching these TV shows, you probably haven’t realised how weird the basis of these shows are.

Take the programme she was watching, Bing. The programme is about a rabbit, who is seemingly looked after by a brown thing half his size and weight. They spend everyday together, sometimes with more rabbits and brown things. The thing that might me puzzling you is what these brown things are. And from what I’ve guessed is that these things are childminders, or maybe these rabbits are in care. Another thing that bugs me is that Bing might need to lose some weight if he is already 3 times as big as his childminder person.

Another things that annoy me with this programme is that they go through the plot and then the brown thing comes in and says “that’s a Bing thing”, and its like they did something spectacular and unique, but today the Bing thing was having a picnic. Something we all did as a kid.




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