Minecraft v Roblox – Gaming battles #1

cool%20text%20-%20megahartz%20222762810375865So hello! Today I have started a BRAND NEW series: Gaming Battles. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lets begin this post…

Minecraft and Roblox are one of the biggest sandbox games in the WORLD! So I will be doing a series of comparisons with graphics,  easiness and so on.

  1. Graphics:

Minecraft: The graphics on Minecraft are unique, and you can change the graphic using texture packs.

Roblox: The graphics on Roblox are pretty average for an app. But in other aspects it makes up.

2. Expandability


Minecraft: If you are willing to pay and take a lot of your time, Minecraft can be pretty expandable.  But I rather playing on single player with no mods.

Roblox: Again if you pay lots of money and your time you can go pretty far on this game. But it is overall a more expandable game.

3. Controls

Minecraft: The controls in all variations of Minecraft are easy to use. I cant complain here.

Roblox: I haven’t played on the PC version of Roblox before, but for the app version it is VERY hard to control


Minecraft, this is because it is easier to control than Roblox and though it is harder to expand the graphics are VERY good.






3 thoughts on “Minecraft v Roblox – Gaming battles #1

    1. I recommend you play these games, I hope I haven’t put you off Roblox, it is a very good game. I never knew people actually read my posts, thank you.


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