My top 5 Nintendo 3/DS!

Hay guys! So today I will be doing my top 5 3DS and DS games. Here I go!

  1. The Moshi Monsters games. This was a good idea from Mind Candy and Nintendo, when they where both at there peek popularity. I was a big fan of Moshi monsters and these games where BIG for me.
  2.  Mario Super Bros. This was a good game and the later versions weren’t just as good.
  3. Pokémon X and Y. These games where probably the most popular Pokémon/ Nintendo games, there was a BIG buzz over it for a couple years.
  4. Mario Kart. I LOVE Mario Kart, its brilliant. Just need to add more versions NOW!
  5. I have a joint 1st place. The first is Tomodachi life where you can use you MII to create more detailed characters in a world, very funny and a brilliant idea. The second is Animal Crossing new leaf, it is very good and keeps you entertained.




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