The Broken Heart Club: Book Review

I PROMISE I will be doing a gaming post SOON! But today I will be doing ANOTHER book review, and these book reviews seem to be gaining a lot of attention. And over the past week I have been reading a lot.

The book is about 5 friends, they end up getting split up. BUT they all have a dark secret.

The book is in the review of two of the friends (Ryan and Eden.) Every chapter they go between each of them.

The book is very well written, and the twist at the end (no spoilers) is quite unexpected, though my friend told me the ending. It still felt quite sad.

Something I didn’t expect from the book is that sometimes it gets quite dark, but in a sort of sad way.


Thanx again,



I deleted my other blog : (

About a month ago I started a new blog called Megahartz’s diaries. Anyway it only managed to get 2 followers (including me) and I didn’t post on it that often so the blog is officially GONE. Sorry.



The Parent Agency: Book Review

HELLO! So today I am doing a book review and my the title you have guessed the book is called the parent agency. So the basic storyline of this book is about 9 year old Barry who wishes he had better parents. When his wishes come true all he wants is to go back home.

Though the plot was quite simple and the book is an VERY easy read for most people, it is actually very funny. I would recommend it to people who are defiantly younger than 12, as it will be far to babyish.

The author also has another book called the Person Controller which I will be reading.




Weekly Wednesday Post #1

Hope u guys are having a nice day! Today I have started another series, where EVERY Wednesday I will do a random post.

So this week nothing much has happened, BUT somebody who takes care and pride in their school work. And generally gets good grades would be HORRIFIED if they got 3/24 in a science test. And I would say I am a geeky/clever person, and this was horrible. Its weird because the average was 5 in that test, but I got 6 credits for my science homework/s.


The final thing is I have started a new challenge, which I will be posting soon!

Thanx again,



Mario V Luigi. Gaming battles #2

Hello gamers! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo today I will be doing another Gaming Battles and the battle today is Mario V Luigi.

These are probably the most well known brothers in gaming, and like last time we are going to have 3 rounds or pure GAMING!

Lets begin.

  1. Character

These brothers have the same personality, and as Mario appears in half on Nintendo’s games, he should win this round for being most adventurous. BUT! Luigi seems to have a certain favour to ghosts so that’s why he wins this round.

2. Popularity

Both of these characters are popular, but it is obvious who wins this round.

3. ?

There is a third round, BUT I had NO idea what to call it. But the winner of this battle in my eyes is just overall a better kart racer……… Luigi. And some on you will be like WHAT, but I hope at least some of you have realised that Mario is RUBBISH at his own game? And how is brother is actually quite good at it?







I’ve just realised how odd the storylines of kids TV shows are!

Hi Guys! Right now my sister is watching Bing on Ceebibies, and cause most of u have the pleasure of not watching these TV shows, you probably haven’t realised how weird the basis of these shows are.

Take the programme she was watching, Bing. The programme is about a rabbit, who is seemingly looked after by a brown thing half his size and weight. They spend everyday together, sometimes with more rabbits and brown things. The thing that might me puzzling you is what these brown things are. And from what I’ve guessed is that these things are childminders, or maybe these rabbits are in care. Another thing that bugs me is that Bing might need to lose some weight if he is already 3 times as big as his childminder person.

Another things that annoy me with this programme is that they go through the plot and then the brown thing comes in and says “that’s a Bing thing”, and its like they did something spectacular and unique, but today the Bing thing was having a picnic. Something we all did as a kid.



Minecraft v Roblox – Gaming battles #1

cool%20text%20-%20megahartz%20222762810375865So hello! Today I have started a BRAND NEW series: Gaming Battles. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lets begin this post…

Minecraft and Roblox are one of the biggest sandbox games in the WORLD! So I will be doing a series of comparisons with graphics,  easiness and so on.

  1. Graphics:

Minecraft: The graphics on Minecraft are unique, and you can change the graphic using texture packs.

Roblox: The graphics on Roblox are pretty average for an app. But in other aspects it makes up.

2. Expandability


Minecraft: If you are willing to pay and take a lot of your time, Minecraft can be pretty expandable.  But I rather playing on single player with no mods.

Roblox: Again if you pay lots of money and your time you can go pretty far on this game. But it is overall a more expandable game.

3. Controls

Minecraft: The controls in all variations of Minecraft are easy to use. I cant complain here.

Roblox: I haven’t played on the PC version of Roblox before, but for the app version it is VERY hard to control


Minecraft, this is because it is easier to control than Roblox and though it is harder to expand the graphics are VERY good.





Club Penguin – CLOSING DOWN :(

So, hi guys! So its officially the half term and so far it is going badly. Cause I have heard that Club Penguin is closing down.

I haven’t played on it for a year or so but that game has so many memories. I probably played the game for the first time in 2011. And up in till the end of 2014 I was obsessed with it!

But it isn’t all bad news Disney is realising an app to replace it.

As some of my readers may know this isn’t the first time Disney has closed a virtual world. There was a game based on Disney fairies, it was called Pixie Hollow. My friend played on it and I did a few times.

R.I.P Club Penguin





My top 5 Nintendo 3/DS!

Hay guys! So today I will be doing my top 5 3DS and DS games. Here I go!

  1. The Moshi Monsters games. This was a good idea from Mind Candy and Nintendo, when they where both at there peek popularity. I was a big fan of Moshi monsters and these games where BIG for me.
  2.  Mario Super Bros. This was a good game and the later versions weren’t just as good.
  3. Pokémon X and Y. These games where probably the most popular Pokémon/ Nintendo games, there was a BIG buzz over it for a couple years.
  4. Mario Kart. I LOVE Mario Kart, its brilliant. Just need to add more versions NOW!
  5. I have a joint 1st place. The first is Tomodachi life where you can use you MII to create more detailed characters in a world, very funny and a brilliant idea. The second is Animal Crossing new leaf, it is very good and keeps you entertained.