Why are there so many overrated footballers?

Hay, hay, hay! So any football fan will agree that SOME footballers are two overrated, and when I mean some a mean a LOT! SO lets do my top 5 most overrated footballers.

5. Jordon Ibe

So when we (AFCB) bought him from Liverpool in the summer, most of our supporters thought he would be a brilliant asset to our team. But he hasn’t actually made ANY DIFFRENCE half a season in.


4. Jamie Vardy.

I’m giving this guy 100% respect but his season with Leicester was INCREDIBLE, but this season for both him and his club has been so bad! Maybe he should have taken that deal with Arsenal.


3. Callum Wilson

I know, I know. I cant call this guy overrated, seeing as he is my favourite current player, but he does need to step up a little to keep the reputation going. Though he is trying very hard.


2. Ronaldo

He or course he isn’t going to have the same reputation as he did in his younger years but, HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING!


  1. Wayne Rooney

Again I’m going to give this guy 100% respect, I’m going to congratulate him for getting the 250 goal and beating the United goal record. But when was his last international goal?!





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