Why do I have a blog ?

Hay, hay, hay! Hi guys, so other the last few days I have been asking myself one question again, and again. Why do I blog. And after a lot of thinking I FINALLY have an answer, and this may sound odd for a few of you but it makes be different from the rest of my friends. I doubt most of you get this because most bloggers have a community with your friends. But there is also another reason, and that is you can that you can have the pride of gaining followers without anyone know who you are.





2 thoughts on “Why do I have a blog ?

  1. Hey Megahartz! I have been reading your blog and I agree with you totally on being able to build up a community of online friends. It would be kind for you to check out my blog, coolchasgamer.wordpress.com because it has some gaming posts you may like. Cheers! Epic Chas Gamer 😀

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