Legendary ninja blog review.

Hay, hay, hay! About a month ago I was like, “should I continue with this blog, cause I’m getting no traffic.” but know I have got views from 4 different countries UK, US, Canada and Singapore. So I know how its like to get low traffic. So know every month I’m going to choose a BRAND new blog to write a review on.

This month I have chosen a blog called Legendary ninjas blog, it is a blog literally about gaming. They have also done a review of my 10 Minute Buildz series. Though my favourite out of these posts is about Pokémon go and how It is the shortest, bug game EVER!

Though like everyone of these “new” blogs and how I guess I used to be is that it needs a little bit more work on, so these are my 3 tips for this blog:

  1. Customise it using the link next to themes in the My section.
  2. Give yourself a tag and a profile picture.
  3. Keep going.




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