Herobrine, real or not?!

Hay, hay, hay! So recently I was thinking about my old posts on my old blogs, and one of my favourites was about Herobrine. This is probably the biggest, unsolved Minecraft mystery. Herobrine is pretty much as old and as famous as the game itself. Most people reading this will know the story, Notch and Herobrine where in the nether and he died when he fell into lava and that created Herobrine. Obviously this isn’t true as this is just a game right! WRONG! Well kinda. So after every big update Minecraft supposedly remove Herobrine, so what I’m thinking Herobrine is a very clever hacker that created a mob that goes round worlds creating LOADS of mayhem. There are obviously loads of videos online with Herobrine in it. And some of them are fake because Herobrine  doesn’t have a gamer tag in them. Or it could be a rare mod, or maybe it is a easter egg realised when people record Minecraft. Its pretty much a mystery. If anyone has ideas comment down bellow.





3 thoughts on “Herobrine, real or not?!

  1. Something else . . . every time there is a new update, if you read through the list of new features it always says ‘Removed Herobrine’ at the bottom.


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