Worldwide crazes REARALLY annoy me!

Ok, admit it we have all been attached to a worldwide craze. Last year there where loads! Dabbing, bottle flipping, mannequin challenge and pineapple apple pen. This year I have been lucky enough to be a trend setter at my school, Jojo bows. You know Jojo Siwa, her YouTube channels are sooooooooooooooo SICK! Anyway if you agree with me these crazes can get VERY annoying! But the worst? Mannequin challenge is pretty much the worst. I might sound stuck up but who takes there time to pause, then go back to what they where doing. We where doing it in football training and everyone was like, “WOW! This so fun!” but I was there for football not THE MANAQUIN CHALLENGE! My favourite? The other three BIG CRAZES are quite tight! But for how much trouble I got into bottle flipping is out, that whole lean and dab thing just got BORING VERY QUICKLY! So pineapple apple pen was the best!

So have I missed anything out, and whats your favourite?




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