10 Minute buildz #1

Hay, hay, hay! Welcome to my BRAND new Minecraft series, 10 MINUTE BUILDZ! So I have written a list of 10 different builds and every episode I will pick two random builds to complete in 10 minutes.

So today I picked a garden to do first, I have had LOADS of experience building gardens before so this will probably be QUITE easy right? WRONG!

So after 5 minutes I built a bush and a pool, but for some reason the world doesn’t let water. Is it some super flat thing?


Then for the next couple minutes I used some wood and wooden stairs to make a platform, then I placed I tree in the middle. Then I decorated the garden with LOADS of flowers.


Oh, YEAH! I made this fence as well.

Well that went OK! So the next one is a farm!!!!!

This one is going to be SUPER hard!

So I completely forgot to take any pics for that one but here is the end result.

screenshot_2017-01-05-16-29-24Ok, you gotta admit that was VERY bad!!!

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