What my old blogs posts used to be like.

Hay, hay, hay! In about a month it will be my 2 year anniversary on blogging. I used to have a blog called Orange Coconut’ blog (or something along those lines.) The blog posts on there where RUBBISH! I know the posts on here are bad but those posts took it to THE NEXT LEVEL! My first post was my likes and dislikes, and the next one was about what I like to eat. WOW!

They probably got a little better for a while than I did a post on MATTYB. If you don’t know who he is search him on YouTube, he is AMAZING! I still have a tiny crush on him to today but I went on about how talented he is and ON AND ON. IT WAS SO SILLY!!!!!!!!! Then I even put a photo of him from a couple years before. CRINGE! And the weird thing was somebody actually commented saying how talented he was (they where probably being sarcastic.) No wonder that blog didn’t last much longer.

Anyway I have two things to tell you:
1. My new, new years resolution is to take more pictures.

2. I watched Disney Moauna (or however you spell it.) today, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!




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