Minecraft: Adventure map review.

Hay, hay, hay. Sometimes I like to test maps on the most popular Minecraft PE map store (I’m not saw what to call it.) Anyway its called Maps for MCPE, and the maps simply called Adventure Map (like many others in the store.) I know I’m doing LOADS of reviews but in the new year (a couple days time.) I’m going to start a skyblock series (I promise this time.)

My first impression of the map was that it was VERY well built, it said that it had 5 levels. The first one was a invisible maze, it was SOOOOOOOOOOO cool and I did not know how the creator made it.

The second one was a mining thingy, you had a fake mine and a few trees and had to break and obsidian door, again it was VERY fun.

The third level was a parkour (not my strength in Minecraft), after a few (TRILLION) attempts I managed to finish it.

The penultimate level (don’t you LOVE that word) was a dropper one, I managed to pass the first attempt, as the drop wasn’t enough to kill me.


he last one was a room full of paintings, and you had to find the exit, I managed that in my second attempt. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny Moments:

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