Minecraft World, magazine review!

Hay, hay, hay! Today I am going to be doing a review of my favourite magazine: Minecraft World. It is actually a independent and unofficial guide. I first got this magazine a few months ago, it was recommended by one of my friends.

The magazine has a lot of extra additions that other Minecraft magazines don’t have. It has a questions column (which is very helpful.) It also has a monthly challenges like build a tree house or a seed bank, it even includes VERY helpful guides, like how do skyblock.

My favourite part is the letters page because it gives you inspiration on what to build next.

If I where to improve this magazine (this bit is EXTREMLY hard), I would add a comic in it. I THINK that they used to do a comic, and if they did BRING IT BACK PLEASSEEEEEE!!!!

Maybe I could try to get this blog in the magazine.




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