A big mistake Universal made!

Hay, hay, hay! Not all films can always make 100% sense, right? Not even when it is a COMPLETLY different story line. But if it was a BIG company they would try to make it right, wouldn’t they? Anyway if you have watched Despicable Me/ Minions you just might of found this mistake.

In Despicable me, you will of saw that in the girls room there is a blueprint of the first minion. Also Gru make reference to creating the minions. But in the Minion movie the minions where alive even before the dinosaurs. That DOSENT make sense.

You can see where Universal where coming from though, it was only a little mistake and who knows? They could of deliberately forgotten about it because the movies would make MILLIONS and minions of dollars, get it?

If anyone has found another error in a movie, comment down bellow so I can maybe add it to a future post like this.




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