What I got for Christmas!

Hay, hay, hay! How was your Christmas? Before I start this post I want to say that I will post every other day. I have A LOT of posts ideas for the new year, hope you’ll like them!

Anyway I today I was going to do a VERY long list on what I got for Xmas, but then I realised how BORING it would be. So instead I’m going to do my top 5 things. (In cause my family read this (I doubt they will) I loved all your presents, and THANK YOU (*100) )

This isn’t in an particular order btw.

  1. J.K.Rowlings book of magical curiosities. I saw this book in my local book shop a few months ago, its a pop up one and includes amazing illustrations, it has loads of stuff about the film.
  2. AFCB football. I have wanted one of these for a LOT of years, its proper good quality.
  3. Leather jacket (not a proper one). I have always like these and I have had my current one for 3 years, this one is very nice.
  4. Other AMAZING football stuff. This year I have become VERY addicted to football, and this year I got a AFCB calander, the season review and the match of the day annual.
  5. Adidas football boots. These boots are EPIC! They are red and back and it has that paint splashy effect.

Hoped you liked it.





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