Gaming 110% mag review

Hay, hay, hay! Yesterday I bought a new magazine, its called Gaming 110% mag, and yep, its about gaming. It has everything from (my favourite game) Minecraft, Pokémon, Forza 6 and Mario games, all in one episode. It also has loads of stuff about gaming YouTubers like Stampy, DanTDM and LD Shadowlady.

There are loads of competitions for example only in this issue you can win DanTDM gear and a gaming chair. There are also loads of statistics and gaming profiles like this issue there is a Tracer profile (who is in Overwatch.) There are also previews of games and posters.

This magazine is quite expensive though (£4.99), but the price is definitely worth it. The best thing about this magazine is the game reviews as it tells you about the games. This issue it was Pokémon sun and moon, it is good as they put the negatives and the positives.

It is definitely a wonderful magazine.

Sorry I have been writing SOOOOO seriously today!!!!!!!!






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