Why I think the England football club are a hot mess.

Hay, hay, hay!Some people won’t agree with me but about 90% of people will, England’s football club is a hot mess. But why is this? They have drawn and win there last games, but the horibble performence at the Euros was lets say, tragic.

And I’m not baliming this on the former manager, I’m blaming this on the captain, yep, Wayne Rooney. Some Man.U fans will hate me right now but he is getting maybe a bit to old to be playing club and international football. He is 30 or 31, he will be retiring from international football in a couple years time, but I think he’s lost his flair a little.

I mean Jose Mourhino left him out of a few games, and now he’s playing OK. So though even though I dispise Jose I think it gave him a bit of a reality check. Though he can still have magic moments, though can’t everyone. He will probably retire after the 2018 world cup.

But for now, I think Jack Whilshere should replace him for a while, so he can get some of his magic back.

Another reason is that 90% of the England players play for a prem club. So they are constantly playing against each other. I think that’s why Gareth Bale fits into the Walses squad so well, because he plays for a Spanish club (Real Mandrid.)

I quit it there before I began to blab, which I think I did with the whole Wayne Rooney thing.





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