Minecraft PC update!!!!!!!

I don’t really play on Minecraft PC that much but when I do I always use it to do the stuff that PE doesn’t have. Which I don’t think is that much now PE has the end, though you cant get the Wither (yet). Anyway I haven’t checked the update yet but I know it has added an even more expandable trading with villagers. I know they have also added some sort of lama animal (my friend will be happy, if she still plays on Minecraft, I know here brother did a while back). Don’t ask. They have also added a type of house where you go in and battle a type of Voldermort cross villager.


This will probably be no help to you because it probably was realised like a week ago.



2 thoughts on “Minecraft PC update!!!!!!!

  1. I’m still pretty new to Minecraft, myself, but was happy to learn about villagers and how they work. I bought the PC version earlier this year (first time playing ever!), and picked up the Wii U edition for when I visit friends and family over the Holidays. I know the consoles are supposed to be getting an update this month, too!

    What’s your favorite version of Minecraft to play?

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    1. I used to play on PC most, but it tended to lag. I got PE last Christmas and it is much less laggy! I play on PC to check updates but now you can connect to Xbox Live I mostly play in PE. Though I have never played on console before.


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