What I’m watching on YouTube

Hay, hay, hay! Like anyone I spend a lot of time on You Tube, and like anyone I watch certain You Tubers. I first spent watching You Tube a lot a couple years ago and I would watch Zoella  and stuff.

I still do watch the Zoella and all, side of You Tube but now I mostly watch Thatcher Joe and Pointlessblog.Though I still watch a little Zoella now and then.

I quite like to watch gaming so I normally watch LD Shadow lady and Xbox Addictionz. And I watch finding Herobrine finding videos a lot.

I always watch Dance moms clips, and it might sound a little odd but once or twice I tried to watch super nanny. I also sometimes watch vines and elders react.

Thought I’d do this for a random post. I’m thinking of doing a Throwback Thursday, and now I have 5 followers.

BTW. I want to shout out to Aywren Sojourner for always liking and commenting my posts.




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