Weird dreams!!

Hay, hay, hay! I’ve decided to ditch the whole Fantage idea because well its boring and its just to much effort for nothing. When I could be focusing on school work or other posts for this blog. Today I thought that I would tell you about my top 3 weirdest dreams.

  1. A few years ago there was 2 TV shows that I watched one called Merlin (or something along those lines) and one called Horrible Histories. I don’t even know what Merlin was about but I guess I must of sort of understood the storyline. It was on children’s TV so it couldn’t of been that complicated. Anyway I was running away from these jaguars with the cast of Merlin. Then we went in this house and I went upstairs, the guy from horrible histories was there.Then there was a loin who turned into a Tibet then ran away. That was weird!
  2. The second one was a very long time ago, in year2. I was in class a these nuns came in and said they wanted to play hide and seek. Don’t ask me why, but they said that when they found me they would kill me!!!! I had a weird imagination!! But I hid in a toilet and they found be again. I have no idea where this cane from but the nuns are probably from another TV show.
  3. My final one is quite random. 4 or 5 years ago I rearally wanted to watch Pirates of the carribian, so a dream was basically just an image of Jack Sparrow! Don’t ask me why!

BTW, I haven’t had a dream in a while so I guess my imagination is normall again. Myeven year old sister got dreams of bad cats last year so I guess it comes with age! Yay!! I wrote over 300 words!!!!!!!!!!









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