Murder most unladylike: book series review

Hay, hay, hay! I don’t think that I have mentioned this before but I love books! I am currently reading the Alex Rider series and my reading age at school is 17.2 and I am 11. Most peoples favourite book series is by and extremely popular author. And don’t get me wrong Murder most unladylike is popular but I found it when the first book where realised a few years ago and when u find a book this good u get so excited you’ve found a future J.K.Rowling.

The series is about Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong who are constantly falling in to trouble, them themselves aren’t but somehow they are always around the Murders. They always make it there job to solve to murders but it gets more and more complicated throughout the book.

It love these books because it dosent stereotype the girls in the 1920s which it very good. They books are always gripping and fun. 10/10.







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