Funny Minecraft love story!

Hay, hay, hay! ! So a while back me and 2 of my friends where obbssed with a Minecraft server. I think is was Build MCPE on of course pocket edition. Cool server though, check it out.

Anyway my friend was in the chat area and there was these 2 people who where dating on Minecraft. ( I’m not sure if this relationship was real or not.) But as they where going to kiss the server restarted! Classic Minecraft, spoils it just as it gets good. That’s probably why I like it so much.

This reminds me of my school disco in the summer. I was going out with the boy in the year below me, he is also my neighbour. He is quite popular and a lot of girls in his year like him. There was a slow and emotional song on and we where about to kiss (on the cheek of course), then the teacher came and said no kissing is aloud in this school. And I won’t have another disco with him until he’s in year 7 and I’m in year 8, which is in a years time!! Anyway Im currently going out with a boy called Noah, but my parents think I’m going out with my friend Mikey and the people at school think im going out with a boy called Jude who is my mums friends son, wow!





4 thoughts on “Funny Minecraft love story!

  1. LOL! The thing about the Minecraft server was funny. Other people reading this comment, I was one of the friends obsessed with the server and was there when the server restart thing happened. Another funny thing was that I pranked the guy my friend was dating. When he looked away, I swapped places with my friend and when he looked back he got a shock because he was pretending to kiss me instead!!!


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