Dumbest 5 ways to die in Minecraft!

Hay, hay, hay!!! Today I will be doing a post on the 5 dumbest ways to die in Minecraft. But as I faked them these probably looks pretty fake!! Sorry!

Number 5: Mining straight down.

So we’ve probably all made this mistake before, it is so haliously silly because we’ve all done it before. Even the pros have.

4. House of TNT

Not even noobs would be fooled by TNT but my friend gave me this idea.

3. The only way to die in creative.

Well u don’t actually die but it is so annoying!

2. Drowning.

This is quite annoying, its a slow death but at least u have a while to save yourself.

1. Forgetting your on survival

This is so annoying, when your running around and forget your on survival and jump of a cliff and die, its a hard life in Minecraft.

Yep! Its a hard life when u run out of storage! I’ll have to delete a few apps before I can post anymore pictures,


Orange Coconut127





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