Fantage: Episode 1. The beginning

Hay, hay, hay! A year or so ago I was obsessed with virtual worlds u know like Club penguin, Animal jam, Moshi monsters. Actually, when I was 8 and 9 I spent every spare moment on Moshi monsters, I collected the magazines and those mini figures, but as the game grew petty I lost my interest. Then I had various spells of addiction on Club Penguin and Animal jam. I thought now that I could do a series on a online virtual world, and my friend was obsessed with this game so I thought I’d give Fantage a try.

So I made my account and my first impressions were good. It looked quite fun and cool. BTW. My gaming user names are always Megahartz (like Megahertz which is a million in Latin. But it sounds a bit better.)


Then I started to have some fun editing my profile and stuff.


Well my fav music used to be 1D but they didn’t have 5SOS. One thing I did remember  about one of my Fantage trials from a while back was that u can hatch pets. So I went straight to that pet barn place.


Well, I guess that the eggs don’t hatch that quickly on here because I waited half and hour but it didn’t hatch.


coollogo_com-23188334 By the way. There is a quote in my math classroom which says: sometimes the world failing is just the necessary struggle called learning. I thought that was quite right.


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