Premier league predictions game week 14

Hay, hay, hay!!! So today I thought I would do some soccer predictions.

So I guess I’ll start with Man city v Chelsea, this will be a tight game but I feel like Chelsea have an edge. Chelsea 2 Man city 1.


Sunderland v Leicester , well both of these teams are struggling but the champions should be winning against Sunderland so I’d say foxes 3, Sunderland 1.


On to Tottenham v Swansea, hard one. Tottenham lost last week but Swansea won. Tottenham are the better team though, Tottenham 4, Swansea 2.


Crystal palace v Southhampton. I feel this game will be a good one. Shouthampton 2, Palace 1.


Stoke v Burnley. This match is pretty even. Both sides haven’t had a dream season so far. 1 all.


West Brom v Watford, I think that Watford have the power and skill to beat Watford. Watford 3, West Brom 2.


West ham v Arsenal. West ham haven’t had the greatest season so far but Arsenal are clear contenders for the tile. 3 nill Arsenal.


Bournemouth v Liverpool. If u don’t now I support Bournemouth and I’m actually going to this match, but Liverpool I think are going to win 2 – 1.


Everton v Man uninted , this week Jose addmited that they are probably not contenders for the title. This will be a knock on there confidence. So 2 all.



Middleborough v Hull. Both these teams were promoted this year and both of then probably will be in the relegation battle. I think that Middlesbrough will be be the stronger side here. Middelsbourgh 2 Hull 0.


I know that last pic was a while back.





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