Random things!!!

Thought this was funny!

Hay, hay, hay!!! Today I have two things to say.

My first one is that it is the first of December! YAY!!!!!!  It is only 24 days to Christmas!!! I might as well now write my Christmas list:

  1. More Jojo bows
  2. Football boots
  3. Books
  4. Stationary
  5. Adidas jumper
  6. Sweets
  7. AFCB advent calendar
  8.  2016/17 Nike football
  9. Last but not least is TWIGLETS!! (don’t you think there so addictive?)
  10. Oh yeah. Maddie style clothes

The next thing is today in tutor time ( between the final lesson of school and the end of the day.) I had finished my homework and was talking  to 2 of my friends about curious Gorge (remember that monkey?) Then I said, did you hear about Curious Gorge? He got sent to Monkey world for being part in the illegal pet trade. I thought that was quite funny!

Thanx, coollogo_com-23188334


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