Minecraft World, magazine review!

Hay, hay, hay! Today I am going to be doing a review of my favourite magazine: Minecraft World. It is actually a independent and unofficial guide. I first got this magazine a few months ago, it was recommended by one of my friends.

The magazine has a lot of extra additions that other Minecraft magazines don’t have. It has a questions column (which is very helpful.) It also has a monthly challenges like build a tree house or a seed bank, it even includes VERY helpful guides, like how do skyblock.

My favourite part is the letters page because it gives you inspiration on what to build next.

If I where to improve this magazine (this bit is EXTREMLY hard), I would add a comic in it. I THINK that they used to do a comic, and if they did BRING IT BACK PLEASSEEEEEE!!!!

Maybe I could try to get this blog in the magazine.




A big mistake Universal made!

Hay, hay, hay! Not all films can always make 100% sense, right? Not even when it is a COMPLETLY different story line. But if it was a BIG company they would try to make it right, wouldn’t they? Anyway if you have watched Despicable Me/ Minions you just might of found this mistake.

In Despicable me, you will of saw that in the girls room there is a blueprint of the first minion. Also Gru make reference to creating the minions. But in the Minion movie the minions where alive even before the dinosaurs. That DOSENT make sense.

You can see where Universal where coming from though, it was only a little mistake and who knows? They could of deliberately forgotten about it because the movies would make MILLIONS and minions of dollars, get it?

If anyone has found another error in a movie, comment down bellow so I can maybe add it to a future post like this.



What I got for Christmas!

Hay, hay, hay! How was your Christmas? Before I start this post I want to say that I will post every other day. I have A LOT of posts ideas for the new year, hope you’ll like them!

Anyway I today I was going to do a VERY long list on what I got for Xmas, but then I realised how BORING it would be. So instead I’m going to do my top 5 things. (In cause my family read this (I doubt they will) I loved all your presents, and THANK YOU (*100) )

This isn’t in an particular order btw.

  1. J.K.Rowlings book of magical curiosities. I saw this book in my local book shop a few months ago, its a pop up one and includes amazing illustrations, it has loads of stuff about the film.
  2. AFCB football. I have wanted one of these for a LOT of years, its proper good quality.
  3. Leather jacket (not a proper one). I have always like these and I have had my current one for 3 years, this one is very nice.
  4. Other AMAZING football stuff. This year I have become VERY addicted to football, and this year I got a AFCB calander, the season review and the match of the day annual.
  5. Adidas football boots. These boots are EPIC! They are red and back and it has that paint splashy effect.

Hoped you liked it.




Merry Christmas!!

Hay, hay, hay! Its that time of year again!!! The magic of Christmas may become less for some, but for most of us it is amazing FOREVER! I had a few (many) ideas for a Christmas post but I like a short message the most…





Gaming 110% mag review

Hay, hay, hay! Yesterday I bought a new magazine, its called Gaming 110% mag, and yep, its about gaming. It has everything from (my favourite game) Minecraft, Pokémon, Forza 6 and Mario games, all in one episode. It also has loads of stuff about gaming YouTubers like Stampy, DanTDM and LD Shadowlady.

There are loads of competitions for example only in this issue you can win DanTDM gear and a gaming chair. There are also loads of statistics and gaming profiles like this issue there is a Tracer profile (who is in Overwatch.) There are also previews of games and posters.

This magazine is quite expensive though (£4.99), but the price is definitely worth it. The best thing about this magazine is the game reviews as it tells you about the games. This issue it was Pokémon sun and moon, it is good as they put the negatives and the positives.

It is definitely a wonderful magazine.

Sorry I have been writing SOOOOO seriously today!!!!!!!!





I’ve changed my blog!

Hay, hay, hay! I wasn’t happy with the design of my blog, I thought it just wasn’t me and so I changed the design a little (the overall theme is still the same.) Also if you read my posts you’ll realise I use a different name for gaming (Megahartz.) So to make it easier I changed my name and my logo.



(rather like it)

Why I think the England football club are a hot mess.

Hay, hay, hay!Some people won’t agree with me but about 90% of people will, England’s football club is a hot mess. But why is this? They have drawn and win there last games, but the horibble performence at the Euros was lets say, tragic.

And I’m not baliming this on the former manager, I’m blaming this on the captain, yep, Wayne Rooney. Some Man.U fans will hate me right now but he is getting maybe a bit to old to be playing club and international football. He is 30 or 31, he will be retiring from international football in a couple years time, but I think he’s lost his flair a little.

I mean Jose Mourhino left him out of a few games, and now he’s playing OK. So though even though I dispise Jose I think it gave him a bit of a reality check. Though he can still have magic moments, though can’t everyone. He will probably retire after the 2018 world cup.

But for now, I think Jack Whilshere should replace him for a while, so he can get some of his magic back.

Another reason is that 90% of the England players play for a prem club. So they are constantly playing against each other. I think that’s why Gareth Bale fits into the Walses squad so well, because he plays for a Spanish club (Real Mandrid.)

I quit it there before I began to blab, which I think I did with the whole Wayne Rooney thing.




Minecraft PC update!!!!!!!

I don’t really play on Minecraft PC that much but when I do I always use it to do the stuff that PE doesn’t have. Which I don’t think is that much now PE has the end, though you cant get the Wither (yet). Anyway I haven’t checked the update yet but I know it has added an even more expandable trading with villagers. I know they have also added some sort of lama animal (my friend will be happy, if she still plays on Minecraft, I know here brother did a while back). Don’t ask. They have also added a type of house where you go in and battle a type of Voldermort cross villager.


This will probably be no help to you because it probably was realised like a week ago.


Alex Rider: series review

Hay, hay, hay! I really enjoyed writing the Murder Most Unladylike series review so today I will be writing another one on the Alex Rider series.

I started reading them a couple months ago and now I am on the last book. They are about school boy Alex Rider, when his uncle is killed M16 recruit him and from there he his always drawn into missions. The books get a little darker and reveal slightly more throughout the series (a little like Harry Potter.) Book series like these are always quite successful as they grow with the reader.

I recommend these books from anyone between the ages of 10 and 13. Though it is exciting for all ages. The manner in which it is written draws you in and makes it twice as adventurous.

Hope you enjoy my book reviews.





What I’m watching on YouTube

Hay, hay, hay! Like anyone I spend a lot of time on You Tube, and like anyone I watch certain You Tubers. I first spent watching You Tube a lot a couple years ago and I would watch Zoella  and stuff.

I still do watch the Zoella and all, side of You Tube but now I mostly watch Thatcher Joe and Pointlessblog.Though I still watch a little Zoella now and then.

I quite like to watch gaming so I normally watch LD Shadow lady and Xbox Addictionz. And I watch finding Herobrine finding videos a lot.

I always watch Dance moms clips, and it might sound a little odd but once or twice I tried to watch super nanny. I also sometimes watch vines and elders react.

Thought I’d do this for a random post. I’m thinking of doing a Throwback Thursday, and now I have 5 followers.

BTW. I want to shout out to Aywren Sojourner for always liking and commenting my posts.