How to survive your first night in Minecraft.

Hay, hay, hay! Today I will be telling you how to survive your first day and night in Minecraft.


So I’m guessing you’ll be on survival because if your on creative you won’t have to worry about surviving.

So open up new world and it your lucky you’ll be in a place with high and low land with water, trees and animals. If you don’t I reccomend you keep creating new worlds infill you do.


Now chop down a tree by pressing down on it (this may take a while).



Then craft a crafting table then place the crafting table on the floor and make a sword and a picaxe. Then find a place high ground and with the picaxe break into the mountain and make a sort of room shape. Than craft a door (if you need to make some more wood that’s fine). Then I reccomend you mine some coal and kill some animals for food.


Then  go back to your newly made house and make a furnace and a bed (if u don’t have enough wool to make a bed it doesn’t matter) also if you have some some coal craft some torches. Then cook your meat with the furnace. If you followed these instructions your home should look like this.


By this time it probably be night, remember to eat the meat you cooked then go to bed. But if you didn’t have time to craft a bed go mining to pass the night or make a hole though the house and watch the mobs.

Don’t worry if u didn’t manage to survive the night it takes loads of practise.





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