Dance moms!


Hey, hey, hey. If u have fallen in love with a TV show you’ll know how it takes over your life, that’s what happend with me and Dance moms.

If u have never heard of dance moms (your missing out) it is about a Dance teacher (Abby Lee Miller) who runs the Abby Lee Dance Company. With her elite competition team and the mini team she goes to dance compotions every week, hoping for fame and glory (which she already has). Well that would be Abby’s dream plan but the moms are constantly arguing with her, to get there children the fame they disserve.

If u have ever watched dance moms u will know how gripping it is. And many people have taken this way to far. They have taken sides between the dancers and made it there mission the make there chosen dancer the most popular.

I personally prefer Kendall because of her gracefulness anf elegancy. I also am fans of Jojo and Mackenzie but they have both left.

But of course once you leave the show it doesn’t mean your fame is over take Chole and Maddie. Whilst Chole was on the show Maddie and Chole where rivals, I mean big rivals. But now that rivalry is still going on. It is pretty clear to me that Maddie is winning the race with all that Sia stuff and a clothing line and to top it off a teenaward. But Chole like Maddie had been in music videos, films and has a teen award!

You can see how I could blab on about this forever!





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