My average school day

Hay!! So I’m giving a shout out to OY30 for giving me some tips on how to make my blog even better. Today I will be telling u about my average school day. Before I start I am going to say I do try hard at school, and these are the bits between the lessons.

I wake up at about 7 am and then get in the shower, I don’t have a particular shampoo and conditioner I like to use but I always have Soap Opera shower gel ( by Zoella ). Then once I’m out I dry myself and clean my teeth. Then I go in my room, turn on some music or YouTube then I get dressed. I have breakfast at about eight (you can see I am very slow at these things.)

My friend comes at about quarter past eight ( or I go to hers.) Once were at school we wait for our other friends or get some sweets at the community center. We hang round for a while then school starts, GROAN!


At break and lunch we hang round in the back playground, which nobody ever finds out about, or hang round in the toilets if one of us has a detention.

Then at five past three school finishes, we usually hang around for twenty minutes, get a drink or mess round by the river.

Finally at about 4 I get home where I play football, go online, do homework, watch TV. Then I read and go to bed, which usually is around half 9.

Then the next day this happens again.



Made that last night.




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