My top 5 apps!

Hi! So I am obbssed with downloading apps. The reason I like it is because I don’t have a IPhone or IPad so I use Google play. And if u have Google play u will know the bad quality apps they have. But a some apps on there are pretty good, there are mostly made by the big app makers but they are all amazing. Here are my top 5 apps.

5. Akinator


If u have ever played Akinator u will know how cool it is. I have only ever played the free version so I cannot guess how good the proper version is. So if u don’t know Akinator guesses what person/character u are thinking, only after u after some questions of course.

4. Dumb ways to die


Most people have watched dumb ways to die once or twice. It is based from the dumb ways to die video which is hilariously funny by the way! I haven’t played this game for a while but it is amazing for car journeys, and hugely addictive.

3. piano tiles


Again this game is hugely addictive. All u have to do is not touch the white tiles, but it gets faster as u go. U can use classical music and once u get up the levels u can use more modern music.

2. Race to the white house


This game is pretty cool. All u do is race Donald or Hilary through the levels and then to the white house. It is so addictive and amazing. Though it is hard to get the hang of.

1. Minecraft


Fun. Creative. Amazing. The greatest game of all time.

Thanx, Orange.


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