My blogging story!

Hi!!! Today I will be telling u the history of Orange coconut. My friend started a blog in February 2015 and I thought it would be a good idea to do the same. Her blog was about Pixie Hollow (a old virtual world that shut down.) And a whole bunch of people where all blogging about it. I played on it once or twice before so I thought I would do it to. But it turned out I knew nothing about it!! So I made my blog about random things. But in late 2015 (actually about July.) I made a blog called Disney with a cherry on top, well that didn’t last long.

I took about 6 months of blogging and concentrated on Minecraft and other games, then early this year I made a Minecraft blog, I had that for a few months. Then I tried to make a football blog in the summer, let’s just say I only managed about a week until I got bored, well bored of Jose Mourhino. Over the next few months I made a few other blog about Dance moms, Dancing and other stuff. So now I day decided to make a fresh start and this is what it came to.

Thanx, Orange!


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