How to survive your first night in Minecraft.

Hay, hay, hay! Today I will be telling you how to survive your first day and night in Minecraft.


So I’m guessing you’ll be on survival because if your on creative you won’t have to worry about surviving.

So open up new world and it your lucky you’ll be in a place with high and low land with water, trees and animals. If you don’t I reccomend you keep creating new worlds infill you do.


Now chop down a tree by pressing down on it (this may take a while).



Then craft a crafting table then place the crafting table on the floor and make a sword and a picaxe. Then find a place high ground and with the picaxe break into the mountain and make a sort of room shape. Than craft a door (if you need to make some more wood that’s fine). Then I reccomend you mine some coal and kill some animals for food.


Then  go back to your newly made house and make a furnace and a bed (if u don’t have enough wool to make a bed it doesn’t matter) also if you have some some coal craft some torches. Then cook your meat with the furnace. If you followed these instructions your home should look like this.


By this time it probably be night, remember to eat the meat you cooked then go to bed. But if you didn’t have time to craft a bed go mining to pass the night or make a hole though the house and watch the mobs.

Don’t worry if u didn’t manage to survive the night it takes loads of practise.





A fairy tale story and a tragic ending.

I love football and though I support AFC Bournemouth but today I was scanning through the BBC news page when a read that Brazil’s Chapecoense soccer team had been involved in a plane crash. After the Serie A team had started to believe they could be one of the greatest football clubs, this tragic event smashed them. Only 2 members of the club (a defender and a reserve goalkeeper) have survived the teams first goalkeeper survived the crash but later died in hospital. supporters of the beautiful game will know have the come together, to make it great again.

Thanx, Orange.


Dance moms!


Hey, hey, hey. If u have fallen in love with a TV show you’ll know how it takes over your life, that’s what happend with me and Dance moms.

If u have never heard of dance moms (your missing out) it is about a Dance teacher (Abby Lee Miller) who runs the Abby Lee Dance Company. With her elite competition team and the mini team she goes to dance compotions every week, hoping for fame and glory (which she already has). Well that would be Abby’s dream plan but the moms are constantly arguing with her, to get there children the fame they disserve.

If u have ever watched dance moms u will know how gripping it is. And many people have taken this way to far. They have taken sides between the dancers and made it there mission the make there chosen dancer the most popular.

I personally prefer Kendall because of her gracefulness anf elegancy. I also am fans of Jojo and Mackenzie but they have both left.

But of course once you leave the show it doesn’t mean your fame is over take Chole and Maddie. Whilst Chole was on the show Maddie and Chole where rivals, I mean big rivals. But now that rivalry is still going on. It is pretty clear to me that Maddie is winning the race with all that Sia stuff and a clothing line and to top it off a teenaward. But Chole like Maddie had been in music videos, films and has a teen award!

You can see how I could blab on about this forever!




My average school day

Hay!! So I’m giving a shout out to OY30 for giving me some tips on how to make my blog even better. Today I will be telling u about my average school day. Before I start I am going to say I do try hard at school, and these are the bits between the lessons.

I wake up at about 7 am and then get in the shower, I don’t have a particular shampoo and conditioner I like to use but I always have Soap Opera shower gel ( by Zoella ). Then once I’m out I dry myself and clean my teeth. Then I go in my room, turn on some music or YouTube then I get dressed. I have breakfast at about eight (you can see I am very slow at these things.)

My friend comes at about quarter past eight ( or I go to hers.) Once were at school we wait for our other friends or get some sweets at the community center. We hang round for a while then school starts, GROAN!


At break and lunch we hang round in the back playground, which nobody ever finds out about, or hang round in the toilets if one of us has a detention.

Then at five past three school finishes, we usually hang around for twenty minutes, get a drink or mess round by the river.

Finally at about 4 I get home where I play football, go online, do homework, watch TV. Then I read and go to bed, which usually is around half 9.

Then the next day this happens again.



Made that last night.



My top 5 apps!

Hi! So I am obbssed with downloading apps. The reason I like it is because I don’t have a IPhone or IPad so I use Google play. And if u have Google play u will know the bad quality apps they have. But a some apps on there are pretty good, there are mostly made by the big app makers but they are all amazing. Here are my top 5 apps.

5. Akinator


If u have ever played Akinator u will know how cool it is. I have only ever played the free version so I cannot guess how good the proper version is. So if u don’t know Akinator guesses what person/character u are thinking, only after u after some questions of course.

4. Dumb ways to die


Most people have watched dumb ways to die once or twice. It is based from the dumb ways to die video which is hilariously funny by the way! I haven’t played this game for a while but it is amazing for car journeys, and hugely addictive.

3. piano tiles


Again this game is hugely addictive. All u have to do is not touch the white tiles, but it gets faster as u go. U can use classical music and once u get up the levels u can use more modern music.

2. Race to the white house


This game is pretty cool. All u do is race Donald or Hilary through the levels and then to the white house. It is so addictive and amazing. Though it is hard to get the hang of.

1. Minecraft


Fun. Creative. Amazing. The greatest game of all time.

Thanx, Orange.

My blogging story!

Hi!!! Today I will be telling u the history of Orange coconut. My friend started a blog in February 2015 and I thought it would be a good idea to do the same. Her blog was about Pixie Hollow (a old virtual world that shut down.) And a whole bunch of people where all blogging about it. I played on it once or twice before so I thought I would do it to. But it turned out I knew nothing about it!! So I made my blog about random things. But in late 2015 (actually about July.) I made a blog called Disney with a cherry on top, well that didn’t last long.

I took about 6 months of blogging and concentrated on Minecraft and other games, then early this year I made a Minecraft blog, I had that for a few months. Then I tried to make a football blog in the summer, let’s just say I only managed about a week until I got bored, well bored of Jose Mourhino. Over the next few months I made a few other blog about Dance moms, Dancing and other stuff. So now I day decided to make a fresh start and this is what it came to.

Thanx, Orange!


Hi! So I guess this is my first post. Like my previous blog Orangecoconut27 I would like to write about random things, but that was more than two years ago, when I was 9 years old. Well obviously this blog will be a bit more, better. I am hoping 2 do vlogmas but of course it will have to be a little bit more like blogmas and that sounds kinda bad. Anyway if I get any followers by then I would be very surprised.

Thanx, Orange.